Greenpoint Psychotherapy

Greenpoint Psychotherapy is a holistically-minded psychotherapy practice.

We are accepting new patients for virtual appointments, and are board certified in Telemental Behavioral Health.

Better Stories Tripp Psychiatry Mental Health
Multiple tools for mental health

We use an integration of psychodynamic, relational, CBT, DBT, yoga and buddhist psychotherapy, and mindfulness techniques to help clients develop the characteristics they would like for themselves and become more of the person they would like to be.

Better Stories Tripp Psychiatry Mental Health

Expert, caring mental health providers

Together we will create a treatment plan that we agree will help you reduce your emotional suffering, and yield a greater quality of life.

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Better Stories Tripp Psychiatry Mental Health
Multiple areas of expertise

We are able to provide support and psycho-education for many problems including trauma, life-change events, communication, and codependency.

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Our philosophy

We function on the premise that by allowing ourselves to accept and experience our emotions, we will increase assertive behavior and move closer towards our true natures. We help clients with exploring how past relationships and experiences continue to impact their present life, identifying and changing thought patterns that have become unnecessarily negative or rigid, and learning to use difficult or painful experiences to gain more insight about themselves.

We provide support and teach skills that will enable you to move through the world with kindness and compassion, rather than fear.


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Address: 117 Dobbin Street, Suite 204A Brooklyn, NY 11222

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