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Augusta Gordon, LCSW-R, BC-TMH

Augusta is an empathic practitioner who is passionate about helping clients to grow as individuals, while improving their emotional and physical well-being. As with most healers, she came to psychotherapy by way of seeking change, and has a first hand understanding of what it feels like to need guidance and support. When working with clients, she relies on an integration of methods tailored to meet the needs of the client she is working with. She prefers a holistic framework focusing on the interconnectedness of our minds and body using a combination of psychodynamic, CBT, DBT and mindfulness-related yoga/Buddhist interventions.

Augusta graduated from The Evergreen State College where she learned the importance of making connections with other people, asking questions, empathic listening, and learning from differences while additionally exploring creative ventures including drawing, printing, photography and music. After graduation she moved to Korea for several years to gain an understanding of what it is like to live immersed in another culture. When she returned to the U.S., she moved to New York City and attended Hunter College to obtain a Master's degree in Social Work. She learned about current clinical practices in psychotherapy and social justice. Additionally, she is a certified yoga instructor with 1900 hours of training in yoga and Buddhism.

She is licensed to see clients who live in New York and California.

Alexis Cabrera, LMHC

Alexis Cabrera is a psychotherapist with experience healing multiple populations. Working with children, couples, individuals as well as groups, Alexis incorporates empathy, awareness, curiosity, support, and frustration into her work. Alexis uses her own sensitivity to empower clients, promoting growth and actualization in the service of the highest good. She has been practicing since 2015.

In addition to holding Master's of Arts as well as a Master's of Education from Teacher's College, Columbia University, a License in Mental Health Counseling in the tri-state area, two Yoga teacher training certifications, being a published author, and completing four years of post graduate training in Gestalt specialization, Alexis has pursued racial-cultural focus in her education, participated in many mindfulness trainings and lived in a multiple international communities. She believes that education is the ultimate route to wealth; and that education is more than the standard diploma given in the unjust social system. She perceives treatment of her clients as a dialogue; she seeks to empower you; not to maintain power. She incorporates CBT, mindfulness, somatic, Gestalt and family systems based interventions to best enable clients of all backgrounds to free themselves from unconscious behaviors.

Jessica Michele Flores, LCAT, R-DMT

Michele graduated from Lesley University in 2018 with a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Specializing in Dance/Movement Therapy, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. As a registered dance/movement therapist, Michele focuses on a bottom up processing approach in collaboration with a belief of using various mental health methodologies to fit individualized client’s intentions. She commonly draws on techniques from internal family systems (IFS), mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Michele feels that therapy is an opportunity to deeply know oneself as an integrated whole. Michele intends to create a nonjudgmental and compassionate space to work with clients where they are currently at in relation to past experiences, interpersonal dynamics, and present stresses. Michele values the therapeutic relationship as a dynamic that can highlight the resiliency of the human spirit. She feels that identifying core beliefs can help clients to ascertain limiting thoughts and behaviors, as well as, cultivate non-limiting thoughts and behaviors.

Adalyn Wilson, MHC-LP

Adalyn utilizes a holistic, person-centered approach, and is drawn to engaging in exploration with her clients through narrative therapy. She believes that each client has their own unique experience and story to tell. She uses Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Gestalt Therapy and positive psychology, along with similar frameworks. She tends to use mindfulness techniques, meditation, writing and art interventions to empower her clients to embrace the work, obtain new skills and continue on their path to a fulfilled life.

She has conducted multiple LGBTQIA+ Awareness trainings for staff and counselors to work with clients or students in the community. She firmly believes in contributing to the groundwork to enhance education around equal access to safe learning, work and counseling environments. She has also worked with neuro-diverse children and young adults in one on one, family and educational environments.

Hannah Propp, LCSW

Hannah is a compassionate and supportive therapist, who is able to work with clients of many different age ranges from adolescents through adults. She works with individuals, couples, and families, specializing in working with people along the spectrums of gender and sexuality, and managing neurodiverse symptoms, Autism, or ADHD. She excels at helping people to diminish anxiety, depression, anger, trauma, grief and loss. In her perception, therapy is an incredible resource to obtain support with life transitions, anti-racism work, exploration of gender and sexuality, and body liberation. She uses an empathetic, collaborative, and person-centered approach, with interventions such as mindfulness strategies, CBT, and narrative therapies, along with many others. She practices from the viewpoint that each person should be allowed to name, and claim, their own experience.

Marjorie Isaacs, LMSW

Marjorie approaches her work with empathy and whole-heartedness. As a therapist, she practices a collaborative, person-centered approach to support clients as they move through challenges and toward wellness. She is passionate about working with clients around issues of gender, sexuality, trauma, depression, co-dependency, and anxiety. She employs a variety of therapeutic interventions geared toward meeting the needs of each individual client, with an emphasis on mindfulness. She earned her Masters of Science in Social Work from Columbia University in 2017, and holds a Bachelor Degree in Social Work from the University of Vermont. She has training in anti-oppressive and restorative practices, and completed training at the LGBTQ Institute for Family Therapy (LIFT).

Joy Yedid, LMSW

After studying psychology at Hunter College, Joy travelled to Chennai and Ethiopia where she practiced narrative therapy and photography. Her experiences learning about eastern and western treatment modalities inspired her to pursue her Masters degree in Social Work at NYU Shanghai. As a Queer woman, Joy has been in both the client and therapist position and has experienced and understands the need for better awareness on how to offer support and to encourage self-compassion. She uses empathy and humor to create and nurture a safe space. Joy appreciates the uniqueness of each person and believes in a collaborative approach to treatment. As a student of Qigong she integrates the mind/body/spirit connection with elements of narrative therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance & commitment therapy, and mindfulness based practices.

Shai Erlichman, LMSW

Shai is a licensed social worker in the state of New York and a graduate of New York University Silver School of Social Work. He has received psychodynamic training at the National Institute for the Psychotherapies, where he worked clinically with young adults living with depression, anxiety, trauma, adjustment issues, and challenges in relationships. Shai views therapy as a beneficial space to explore aspects of one’s perspectives, patterns, and behaviors. Shai is passionate about de-pathologizing and normalizing mental health challenges, as well as examining how race, culture, sexuality, social class, and age shape our individual and collective life experiences. He brings a spirit of honesty, kindness and curiosity to each therapeutic relationship, and supports his clients toward greater awareness, healing, engagement and growth.

Catherine Moore, MHC -LP

Catherine is a reflective-based practitioner who uses empathic communication to better understand individual thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. She strives to provide a warm, collaborative atmosphere where individuals can explore their personal difficulties and feelings, better understand their personalities, and reach new, adaptive resolutions. Catherine uses a variety of therapeutic techniques with a central orientation in psychodynamic counseling. Catherine has an MA in Counseling from Northwestern University, an MSc in Mental Health: Psychological Therapies from Queen Mary University, London, an MSc in Health Psychology from University College London, and a BA in Psychology from Vanderbilt University. She has experience working with individuals from various backgrounds across a diverse range of issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, life adjustments and loss, self-esteem, career transitions and creative obstacles.

Jessica Smith, LMSW

Jessica is an empathetic and collaborative practitioner who is committed to helping her clients identify and achieve their mental health goals. She has served a wide variety of populations including children, families, and the aging in both inpatient and outpatient settings. She received crisis intervention and trauma-informed practice training while working in the inpatient psychiatry unit at the Washington DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center. She also has experience employing group and play therapy strategies with children and families from her time working in public school and shelter settings. She specializes in working with clients facing depression, anxiety, PTSD, life transitions, grief/loss and other trauma-related challenges.

Jessica understands the socioeconomic and cultural barriers to obtaining and seeking mental health treatment, and is passionate about discussing the ways sexuality, gender identity, culture, race, and more impact access to and perceptions of mental healthcare.Along with motivational interviewing, CBT, and mindfulness techniques, Jessica likes to utilize humor and encourage artistic expression to cultivate self-awareness and identify unconscious coping mechanisms. She believes in meeting clients where they are without judgement, and working with each individual to identify the interventions that work best for them.

Adolfo Tibana, MHC-LP

Adolfo is a kind and compassionate therapist who believes that what’s most important is building a sense of trust with clients. He uses a variety of modalities such as mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy, somatic therapy, narrative therapy, buddhist/spiritual interventions. He uses a combination of psychodynamic therapy and existential therapy, helping clients manage some of life’s bigger questions and stressors, such as the search for meaning, our mortality, and the beauty and challenge of our own freedom as individuals.

He has experience with depression, anxiety, social skills, motivation, assertiveness training, and relationships. He appreciates the process of treatment where first you discover what’s going on, then as you face the needed changes, you can experience relief and growth. Adolfo also believes that you can not improve what you can not measure, and values consistent measurements of progress for all his clients. He has a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from Brooklyn College and previously worked in renewable energy in San Francisco, CA, aiding in solar energy initiatives in the bay area.

Saidah Regis, MHC-LP

Saidah is a dedicated psychotherapist who goes about her work in a caring, and non-judgmental way. She believes that the fundamental principle for successful relationships with her clients is to bring positive energy and humor to each session. She uses a humanistic client-centered approach, along with psychodynamic and cognitive therapy interventions to empower clients in taking better care of their feelings and needs.  She especially enjoys working with children and adolescents, but is skilled at working with any age group.

Saidah earned her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling and her Bachelor’s in Health Science from Long Island University. She has worked at mental health centers, community-based organizations, and youth programs.

Denise Garcia, LMSW

Denise believes aspires to create a safe and comfortable space fostering the ground for acceptance, reflection and clarity to help clients evolve with authenticity. She also hopes to help cultivate an awareness of how exploration of our differences can lead to greater trust and intimacy in our relationships. A Brooklyn native, she is acclimated to working with individuals who similarly have diverse cultural backgrounds.

Denise has six years of clinical experience, including two years of specialized work with children and families including those struggling with depression, trauma, anxiety, ADHD, parenting and various life adjustments.  Denise uses a person-centered approach to employ narrative, CBT, behavioral, motivational and other therapies as needed.  She is also fluent in Spanish.

Kevin Natali, LMSW

Kevin is a compassionate and heart-centered therapist, who strives to help clients feel safe in exploring all of the aspects of themselves and experiences through treatment. He believes that  trust is foundational to a meaningful experience in therapy, and works to build a therapeutic relationship that honors where each client is at, in their process of healing and growth. He is also passionate about the ways music, sound, and other forms of creative expression can be used as therapeutic tools.

Kevin received training at the National Institute for the Psychotherapies, where he utilized elements of psychodynamic therapy, CBT, mindfulness practices, and internal family systems (IFS) tailored specifically to each client’s individual needs. He has experience working with both adolescents and adults who are dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, social stigma, and interpersonal struggles. Kevin is a licensed social worker in the state of New York and a graduate of New York University’s Silver School of Social Work.

Grace Lamour, MHC-LP

Grace is able to help her client’s development of insight, through building a trusting relationship then helping them to explore the themes created/experienced via oppression of self or others. She feels these aspects are integral in helping clients to develop autonomy, so that they are better able to develop assertiveness.

As a child of immigrants, she understands what it is like to balance multiple cultural expectations and the forms of oppression Black, African descent POC and immigrants experience. She is culturally competent regarding immigration, assimilation and race relations. She is able to work with children, adults, and families. Some of the other themes she works with are anxiety, behavioral challenges, domestic violence, life stressors, neurodiversity, and relationship challenges.

Arleth Perez, MHC-LP

Arleth is a warm ,empathic therapist with experience in treating individuals and couples of all ages. She uses a holistic, person-centered approach along with CBT interventions, to help clients explore their perceptions and gain a deeper understanding of their adaptive responses. By using these interventions, she is able to collaboratively help you develop new skills and approaches to the challenges you are facing.

She earned her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Brooklyn College where her experiences as a clinician consisted of treating underserved communities of color. She is skilled at working with clients experiencing anxiety, trauma, depression, ADHD, issues of gender and sexuality, and personality disorders. As a female POC and immigrant, her understanding of intersectionality provides insight into her client's experience of oppressive systems. Arleth also writes for her local Spanish newspaper to support her community to provide education about the negative effects of lack of mental health care on people of color.

Sarah Mosteller, ATR-BC

Sarah practices with compassion and curiosity, striving to engage in active listening so that sessions feel dynamic. As a licensed creative arts therapist, Sarah has witnessed her clients make meaningful connections through art making when spoken words failed to fully express their felt and lived experiences.Although she is trained in art therapy, she is also able to work with clients who prefer straight talk therapy, or a combination of interventions. Her general approach is client centered, strengths based, and trauma informed. Sarah firmly believes that every individual is equipped with the ability to heal, and she is passionate about helping individuals realize their inherent strength, resilience, and worthiness.

Sarah earned a M.A. in Art Therapy from NYU and a B.A. in Studio Art and Art History from the College of Charleston. She has worked with children, adolescents and adults to improve their ability to cope with a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, eating disorders, life transitions, relational problems, and low self-esteem.She tends to use art therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, internal family systems, supportive therapy, and mindfulness as interventions.

Claire Johnson, MHC-LP

Claire believes striving to understand your story is one of the most courageous things you can do. She approaches therapy with compassion to help her clients explore the full range of their human experience. Claire is a collaborative practitioner, and she credits the therapeutic relationship as an important part of change. She came into this field after being inspired by her own experience in psychotherapy. She is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling at Northwestern University and is a certified yoga instructor. Claire is passionate about the mind-body connection and is in constant awe of the resilience of the human spirit. Claire’s approach is to help you work through whatever is bringing you to therapy, while exploring how to best care for yourself.

Courtney Foley, MHC-LP

Courtney is a trauma-informed, LGBTQ+ affirmative therapist. She is passionate about fostering a safe and accepting environment for her clients. She is adept at supporting both children and adults who are facing major life changes, exploring their identities, or dealing with substance abuse, and in general offer collaborative support using anti-oppressive interventions to anyone who might choose to work with her.

She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Health and Wellness Studies from Binghamton University. She earned her Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Substance Abuse Counseling from Hofstra University, and is a certified yoga teacher. If you'd like, she can incorporate mindfulness, meditation, and development of mind-body connection into her sessions.

Lauren Silverman, LMSW

Lauren believes that transformative therapy begins with a collaborative and trusting therapeutic partnership, one that highlights the unique knowledge, strengths, and skill sets of each client entering the room.

Through trauma-informed practice, Lauren aims to facilitate a safe, anti-oppressive, affirming therapeutic space, recognizing the ways in which institutions, systems, and intersectional identities impact individual experiences and overall wellbeing. Her integrated approach to psychotherapy is based upon person-centered, existential, and attachment-based perspectives. She is passionate about exploring the ways in which attachment and trauma impact how an individual's identity is formed. She specializes in many modalities, such as: cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, somatic and psychodynamic therapy.

Alexa Ponce, LCSW

Alexa strives to create a calming and safe environment to promote client's being able to work through emotional, cognitive and behavioral roadblocks as they become ready. She knows that recovery is never easy, and supports clients using a person-centered approach that allows space for their development of assertiveness. She has extensive experience working with clients experiencing identity and/or multicultural issues, as well as survivors of violence. As a first generation Spanish speaking Latina and therapist, Alexa is well equipped to understand the immigrant experience.

She graduated from Stony Brook University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Social Work, and has received additional training at the Ackerman Institute for the Family.


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